Did some digging around through some old photos. Here’s a few photos from the pool’s first year (2007), there’s definitely been some changes. For one, there’s neither a Bluefin or lifeguard shed in the corner closest to the playground! The change rooms were also a trailer, which was put there temporarily until a real change room could be built. I think I remember there being Porta potties nearby, since there were no flush toilets. To the right of that was another trailer, which served as the lifeguard office, since the pool building we’re so familiar with wasn’t built yet. A couple other little things: There were no wooden canopies on deck, but rather there were tents set up, the pool blankets were kept on the side of the pool deck, there was no lane rope reel. I think I remember we kept them on the fence by the blocks, and they were shared with the pool staff. I just thought it would be cool to show off a bit of how the pool has changed over the years!

~ Coach Hayden